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Flip Ultra Video Camera
Flip Ultra Video Camera

Overview The Flip Video camera by Pure Digital Technologies is an inexpensive and easy to use handheld digital video camera. Capable of holding 2 GB, or 1 hour of video, the Flip is just the right size for classroom use.
On the back of the camera you'll find a 1.5 inch LCD screen, built in speaker, and easy to use navigation button for both recording and playback. The side USB connector literally "flips" out of the camera body allowing quick downloads to any computer with an available USB port. AA Batteries insert into the front of the camera below the lens and microphone.
The Flip "Ultra" has been approved for use on FCPS Machines and is available from a variety of retailers.
Pictures from
back of Flip Ultra
back of Flip Ultra

Parts of a Flip Video

Curriculum Connections
Students and teachers in all grade levels and curricular areas can use a Flip Camera to create a variety of educational resources. Here are just a few ideas.*

  • Film students during the first week of school and ask them what their goals are for the year
  • Film the progression of fluency
  • Film a completed project of a student before you send it home
  • Film questions from the class at the beginning of a unit, then film them answering the same questions at the end of the unit
  • Capture the excitement of learning from your students
  • Capture hands-on learning that can never be captured by a traditional assessment
  • Bring the outside world in
  • Film special guests and presenters (who will allow it)
  • Create video time capsules
  • Capture highlights from special events or field trips
*Adapted from "Caught on Video" by Bob Sprankle, Technology and Learning, April 2008.

Equipment Needed
  • Laptop or desktop computer for downloading
  • Movie Maker or other video creating software for editing videos
  • 2 AA batteries

Previewing Videos on a Flip

Installing Flip Video Software to Your Computer

How to Use the Flip Video Software

Suggestions and Tips When Shooting Video

Now That I Have My Videos How Do I Make a Movie?

Video Editing Software

FlipShare Software Update


Windows Movie Maker


By Google

Animoto for Education

Some Sites to Help with the Technical Stuff

Using Picasa 3 for Basic Video Editing

Flip Video Knowledge Base

Getting Started with Windows Movie Maker

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student video release.doc

Video File Conversion



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