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Come explore the National Archives DocsTeach website (http://docsteach.org/), its seven free activity creation tools, and more then 3,000 documents. Learn how you can provide your students hands-on activities using primary resources that encourage a varied learning environment for you and students. Analysis of documents, photographs, podcasts, and other primary resources, along with independent research, and group work become a gateway to sharpen students’ critical thinking skills and enthusiasm for inquiry. Primary sources are the essential building blocks of any culture’s history. Teaching with primary documents provides students with the opportunity to actively analyze, evaluate, and reflect upon information thus allowing them to construct their own understanding.


  • Critically examine, analyze, and evaluate a variety of primary sources

  • Explore free Internet resources that actively engage students in learning

  • Select a Docs Teach activity to use in the classroom

  • Be empowered to create lessons plans integrating digital resources

From the National Archive site: Video of teachers using docsteach

Formative Assessment J. Romano

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Why use primary sources?

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