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Mary L. Wallace, M.Ed

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Uniontown Area School District


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What Can Students Actually Do With Video Conferencing?
Before answering that question, we should first ask, "Why video conferencing?" or better yet, "Why technology?"

  • I want my students to communicate in complex and modern ways.
  • I want my students to make their thinking visible as an alternative assessment.
  • I want my students to document their thinking as they work through a process.
  • I want my students to have multiple ways through which to interact with learning objects.
If your answers fall within the above responses, then Video Conferencing may be the resource you are searching for.

Ways To Integrate Video Conferences Into Your Curriculum

You can hold a classroom-to-classroom video conference( sometimes referred to as point-to-point video conference) for any reason and and for any subject area. There are many reasons to have a video conference. The following is just a few ideas that I have tried or have heard of.
Your students can:
  • raise global awareness
  • keep in contact
  • report live from a location
  • receive or share information about content students have been studying
  • practice public speaking skills (communication skills)-Great for second language learners
  • get in contact with an expert on the topic you are studying
  • talk to eye witnesses
  • collect data
  • participate in debates
  • participate in discussions
  • participate in literature circles
  • press conference projects
  • mock trails
  • mystery quests
  • design projects
  • television interview / role play
  • academic competitions
  • compare seasons
  • compare regions
  • perform plays or skits
  • share poetry or writing
  • interview an author
  • scientific demonstrations

Where Can I Find Collaborations?


KC3A small plug for UHS as they received an Honorable Mention in this year's competition.

Contact for CILC
Bev Mattocks
Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration
251 E. Ohio, #960
Indianapolis, IN 46204




Two Way Interactive Collaborations in Education


Pro Football Hall of Fame

British Council for Connecting Classroom

NASA Digital Learning Learning Network

What do I do if I don't have conferencing equipment?

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